Quote # 552

You came into this world to be loved and cared for, don’t settle for being abused and neglected by anyone.



5 thoughts on “Quote # 552”

    1. Being neglected is the hardest pain to get over. Especially it’s family or even friends who we give our time to just so we at some point can get it back. Yes, u can’t change it but u can change the way you react to it. Take time to relax and accept it’s true what happened. Then find peace with it and let go of those who hurt you. It’s a process and takes time. Be strong and confident and most importantly don’t rely on those who keep hurting you for love and care but love yourself. For me to realize I needed to love myself more I had to get an answer from a therapist. After years of abuse I finally fell to the core and got myself weak after taking care of those who continued to emotionally and mentally abuse me. It took a year to finally seek help and when I’m taking care of me it makes me feel good now cause before I never did. Take care of yourself first the rest is secondary.

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    1. If you are closely attached to your family then talk to them and explain what’s going on or if it’s serious matter talk to the authorities. Don’t be afraid of them. Keep doing what you need to do though they might be watching what you do. Never be afraid of those who have interest in other people’s lives than theirs..❀️


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