This strong person.

This strong person can be the ideal hero. Fighting the bad, working hard, protecting loved ones or even leaving the negativity behind (I believe that a strong person can do this). In life this person can keep moving on without falling down but eventually even this strong person will fall. Why? This person can not let nothing get to him/her. The reason is, eventually all the hardships we endure and fighting the evil or ignoring the gossips about us will get to us. The reason is that at times we must fall because the weight is too heavy. We need time to be fresh and understand what happened and why it happened that way. We must face it and accept it because wounds have been open for a long time. Just because we ignore things that don’t matter but deep down inside it effects us by atleast 1%. We are human and we all have feelings and it’s ok to step back and not be a hero for a while but be a hero for ourselves. 

Take your time to recover.



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