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Quote # 672

People so worried about Karma of others but don’t worry about their own.



Quote # 655

Why does it hurt? Because you cared, because you are pure, you did it for family, you did it friendship, you did it for humanity and did it because you loved them. They didn’t give it back to you cause their intentions were different, their intentions were they didn’t care how you feel, they can’t love you like the way you did. Your love was pure but their love was not. It’s hard to accept right? Sadly, you have to accept it and move on. The sad part of all this is no one will love them as much as you did.


Quote # 579

When they no longer can manipulate you they will target you as the “bad” person before their truth comes out. Although, you might have done nothing wrong. Making up stories like their the victim is part of who they are which is sad. Who wants to live like a victim all their life? Certainly not you.