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Quote # 659

If you can’t love, please don’t give pain.



Quote # 658

Loving yourself is the hardest thing to do when so many people have hurt you. Wondering why they did what they did and what you did to deserve this. Sometimes we need to get away and think how to take of yourself first before dealing with people full of shit about you.


Just a simple life..is it possible?

There are days when I think about when someone does work with intentions that he may receive something back is it worth it? Say, you work so hard to help someone and keep helping them but all you get curses and heartaches? Why? Cause it’s family and they can get away with it? All you ever wanted was a simple life but all they do is manipulate you and make you feel down..why? because they brought you into this world and you deserve to be treated the way they treat you? Work for them, pay their bills and mortgage starting at the age of 16. No, your not allowed to go to college because they need their bills taken care of. But then you leave them and they still tell your relatives that your such a horrible person because you went against them to gain your self confidence and self esteem which was knocked down by them so many times. Your run away to live a simple life but running away from them is it even possible?